How can you know if the master is really an enlightened master?

How can you know if the master is really an enlightened master?
You cannot. Your mind will never allow you to know or accept the real enlightened master.
You can only find out by honestly practicing awareness meditation and surrendering your mind, moods, intellect and ego. Then, after some time, you can know, not by your mind, but by your own experience and true awareness. The fake masters will make you feel good, because they will boost your ego. The real enlightened master will never accept your ego and mind, but always honestly love you. Even when you do wrong against the real enlightened master s/he will forgive you always. Because the real enlightened master has no ego and is beyond the senses, physical body and mind.
S/he truly loves in the highest stage. This real pure love cannot be changed by any relationships, body, mind, moods, conditions, etc, because real love is not an emotion or involved with any senses. But unfortunately most are sleeping in the illusions of the ego and unconscious thoughts. That is why the real enlightened masters will always be attacked as many times before in history.
I honestly love you very much and it is my duty to tell you the Truth. — Mother Swami¬† (Swami Schchidanand Parmahansa)


Awareness of thoughts

There is no detachment from thoughts, dear ones. There can only be awareness of all thoughts by honestly watching them outside without engaging again and again and again.
There is no detachment from desires which would mean detachment from ego. Ego cannot be detached, therefore desires coming from ego will always come again and again in many different forms. Even if you sit every day by yourself and watch the thoughts honestly outside you cannot enlighten and dissolve ego, because without the help of a real living enlightened master you will stay in the trap of ego and unconscious thoughts.
But if you honestly practice awareness meditation in the guidance of a real enlightened master and follow the instructions even when your mind creates some doubts and confusions you can eventually dissolve ego and become completely free from all illusions. It takes time and effort. But if you honestly want total freedom of consciousness you can do it. And if you do not want total freedom you will still become peaceful, tensionless and healthy by practicing this real form of meditation. Everybody wants to feel peaceful and be healthy. So please do it. I love you very much. — Mother Swami

All thoughts create illusions…

  1. All thoughts – “good” and “bad” – create illusions and have a very bad smell, because nothing is as dirty as the mind.
    But unfortunately most people follow the thought attaching practices of whoever and whatever they pick as their ego’s savior.
    Without real awareness love cannot be alive in a person.
    Because the tricks of the mind, the illusions created by the attachment to thoughts and the false beliefs created from this addiction to conscious, subconscious and unconscious thoughts feed the ego and moods.
    If you really want to free from thoughts there is only one way, that is the practice of true awareness meditation in the guidance of a real living master. In your practice of this scientific meditation without beliefs, dogmas, religion, etc you can perhaps eventually achieve Atmagyana (Supreme Enlightenment) after some years, but even if you never reach Atmagyana, by practicing this authentic awareness meditation you will become physically, emotionally, mentally healthy, peaceful from within, and tensionless.
    However, your ego will not allow you to stay in this meditation, because your ego is your biggest enemy and will do anything, no matter how insane, to keep you blind and unaware. That is the only reason why you suffer and are doing instead of being. It is the reason you feel anger, frustration or extreme happiness. It is the reason why you want to fight against anything you belief to be wrong as you see it outside of you. It is why you are ready to attack anything on the outside, because your attachment to thoughts is feeding your ego, making you belief that you are “somebody” in this world. In this state you feel a need to do and achieve, to judge and value, and you can never know real unconditional love. — Mother Swami


When “freedom” has been identified with strengthening the ego, with competition, achievements, success, and the capacity to fulfill the ego’s greedy desires, freedom of consciousness becomes impossible and love cannot be present. Freedom of consciousness is never engaged with any “thing”. Love is not love when it is mixed with any conditions. But no matter how many living enlightened teachers spread Truth in any languages throughout history, the very same identification by the strengthened ego of what “freedom” might be will attack Truth over and over again. So how can any person who is caught in this cycle of illusions accept any teachings from any real living enlightened teacher? He or she cannot until she or he fully surrenders mind, intellect, moods and ego. The mind and ego cannot recognize the enlightened master, because they trap the seeker in unawareness and do not allow that person to see themselves in the mirror of Truth. The unenlightened person will always see his or her own mind, ego, greed, darkness etc in the living enlightened master, because “any thing” can be seen in all existence and that which is not seen on the inside will be found in the reflection of the mirror – the living enlightened master = existence. That is why the worship of dead enlightened masters is being perpetuated in this world, and no one stuck in mind and ego can accept the living enlightened masters. The dead cannot give answers or bring awareness to anyone, the image of the dead can only create further illusions. No woman can conceive a child by looking at the picture of the deceased husband. No person can develop muscle strength by only looking at the photos of a gym. But this is exactly what the great majority are doing. You cannot feed your child by having him or her look at pictures of food or by studying the recipes. So, please be careful and watch your thoughts outside of yourself without any engagement with any “good” or “bad” thoughts before you make an honest commitment with yourself to free your consciousness. I am here for honest seekers and lovers of Truth. I love you, but I cannot love your mind and ego. — Mother Swami

Faster than the speed of light…

Faster than the speed of light your mind can take you anywhere in one instant. Once you allow your mind to be the driver of your “spaceship” your 5 senses become involved. Your ego then becomes a happy consumer of all your mind’s illusions. In return your mind makes those illusions more and more credible to you until you fully believe them and look for evidence on the outside. As you look for any evidence of your mind’s illusions you will always find “tangible confirmation”, because all is in all and “any thing” can be found in all. By this attachment to the mind’s illusions and feeding of the ego you lose awareness of what is truly right and wrong, and you lose your greatest opportunity of real love. I love you very much. — Mother Swami

“a little loving” or “too loving”

There is no such thing as being “a little loving” or “too loving”, just as you cannot be “a little honest” or “too honest”. You either are loving or not. You either are honest or not. And how can you be loving if you are stuck in any (conscious, subconscious or unconscious) thoughts? How can you be honest when you try to fool yourself? How can anyone who is eating the flesh of a living, breathing, feeling and thinking being be loving? How can anyone find God/Absolute Truth who is looking for the blind teachings of their own ego? The blind cannot make the blind see. An unlight candle can not light another candle. If you really want to discover Absolute Truth / God you have to start with accepting that you are blind, that you do not know. Only then will you be able to follow the loving guidance of the real living enlightened master. Just as the sick has to first accept that he or she is sick in order to see the doctor. And even after seeing the doctor the sick can only heal if she or he takes the medicine the doctor has recommended. But you are sleeping and dreaming and your mind comes up with endless conspiracies against Truth. You are focused on all the wordly things. You are concerned with your looks and status, your relationships and social activities, your income, your fame and name, etc. You find the perfect excuses to stay in and to repeat this condition over and over again in slightly different forms. Your ego and mind make you believe that you already are a great master and you play tricks on the real enlightened master. You do not know that the real master never cares, but that the tricks you play are pushing you into the lowest births. In all this there is great sorrow, because you perpetuate the very same violence you are fighting against or believe to be changing. So please, if you honestly want to come close to Absolute Truth and transform into the one immortal soul, start with the humbleness of accepting that you are blind and you do not know. Only then can you accept the real living master’s guidance, begin your own honest seeking and free from any thoughts eventually. I am here for the real seekers and lovers only and I honestly love you beyond any words. — Mother Swami