Painkilling consumerism of greed and violence in the promotion of suffering

Pain killers come in many forms.

Most people are familiar with different types of medicines that serve as pain killers, which can perhaps serve a person temporarily to better deal with momentary physical pain.

But the great majority of people use various types of painkillers for other reasons.

Painkillers are anything that numbs sensitivity and awareness. They can be foods, substances, activities, beliefs, behaviours, etc.

Medicines that act like painkillers and are used for prolonged times not only numb physical pain but also sensitivity of consciousness.

Repetitive unconscious activities numb a person’s awareness of consciousness and can create tunnel vision after some time.

Beliefs and forced behaviors not only create numbness and insensitivities but also promote violence after some time. This violence can express itself both inwards and outwards, and often as a “remedy” for outward or inward violence more numbing “pain killers” are being sold (suggested, promoted, believed, etc) and bought (accepted, taken in, believed, etc) in various different forms.

In such a climate of numbness and insensitivity love cannot be shared or experienced.

Doubts and fears are easily “bought” in the form of thoughts, ideas, beliefs and “external systems”.

These “external systems” then have an easy way in their greedy promotion and selling of more “painkillers”.

Without awareness of consciousness no one can honestly serve another being, because no matter how lovingly meant the in-tensions might be, unawareness always creates more numbness and insensitivity.

How can a medical doctor who is trapped in the illusions of greed serve a patient who is suffering with truth and love? S/he cannot, because his/her own concerns with income, fame and name do not allow it.

How can a teacher or university professor educate her/his students with love=truth, if s/he is concerned with academics, status, and “external systems”?

How can a parent be a loving guide to his/her children, if trust and authentic being are replaced with forced learning and forced behaviors?

In the name of “good” or “loving” intentions (= in-tensions) people give advice to each other, instruct others, practice forced activities and exercises, force behaviors, force learning, force feelings, force others, violate, rape, kill and torture, this way giving yet more power to “external systems” in the promotion of tensions and suffering.

Love=truth=existence knows no intentions. Love=truth=existence is never tense, neither past, nor future.

A truly aware person is automatically loving to all beings. A loving person is not automatically aware.

But any person, no matter his/her beliefs, religion, philosophy, education, status, race, background, etc who honestly practices awareness meditation as I am teaching and in my guidance, will become peaceful and tensionless after a relatively short time. You do not need to belief me or anyone. Just have your own experience and see for yourself.

I am inviting you to come out from the illusions that are creating your suffering and that continue to promote violence and greed.

I am inviting you to become tensionless, peaceful and aware of consciousness.

I am inviting you to join me in my mission of Worldpeace by Awareness Meditation.

I love you very much,

Mother Swami


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