Your mind likes images and illusions….

baby lizard

Your mind likes images and illusions and does not want you to accept Truth.

Truth has no illusion, no image, no fantasies. Truth is impartial and in everything.

But your clever mind will never allow you to accept Truth, because its’ only “job” is to deceive you and attach you with that what is fake.

When practicing awareness meditation and watching the millions of thoughts brought forth by your mind, you easily feel bored and distracted. You allow your mind to attach you to thoughts in the form of boredom, tiredness, distraction, uneasyness, feeling “good”, etc, because your mind wants to be alive more than you.

As soon as you start to bring one thought into your sensory experience by your attachment and belief to it, you are giving birth to millions of new thoughts, and each thought, each belief feels more “real” to you than the one before. Your clever mind comes up with more and more images and you believe them, losing all impartiality, losing all freedom, becoming the slave of your mind.

Once you have become the slave of your mind, your ego takes the driver’s seat while you are deeply asleep in the back of the vehicle.

Mind and ego take you on endless rides, while you remain so unconscious that the dream seems real and that what is real can never be accepted.

In the belief of “good” you do wrong. In the belief of  “bad” you do wrong.

All along existence is giving you infinite opportunities to do what is right, but you prefer to feed your ego and belief the illusions of your mind. Because you want to be somebody, you want to be entertained, you want to be distracted from Truth more than anything.

If you want to come out from these illusions and honestly free your consciousness you have to overcome the mind’s tricks and completely detach from all beliefs, all thoughts, all images. But most will never do that, because the virus of the mind is very powerful.

Instead of freeing your own consciousness you spread the virus of the mind and even believe you are “doing good”.

Instead of dissolving the ego you look for ways to strengthen your own and others ego.

Instead of being love alive you “love life” for your ego’s entertainment.

The virus of the mind spreads easily in this way so that images and illusions become “your truth”.

When Truth cannot be accepted, images, beliefs, illusions and violence in the disguise of “doing good” rule your world and peace can not be.

You cannot change the world, but only yourself, to what you truly are.

I love you very very much. — Mother Swami




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