Love is alive and knows no mind

In this world many believe many things. Belief is not Truth, it is always a traitor. Belief comes from the mind. The mind always nourishes ego. Ego is opposed to love.

Many husbands say they “love” their wifes. But they do not love their wifes, they love the conditions, circumstances, conveniences, etc that being with their wives get them. Just as many wifes say they “love” their husbands, but they love their own ego in the convenience of their husbands.

Parents say they “love” their children. But they love their own beliefs (attachments to thoughts) forced onto their children.

Friends say they “love” their friends. But they do not love. They love their similarities, their shared beliefs, their shared conveniences.

Many say they “love” (eating) animals. But how is it possible to love the animals if you are responsible for their death and are able to eat their flesh after they suffered terror and slaughter?

You love your mind and ego. You love your attachment to thoughts in the form of beliefs. You love your convenience, your security, your fame and name, your money, your attachments. That is not love.

In this complete unawareness pure love can never be accepted, because the mind has created thousands and millions of conspiracies and the ego wants to flourish.

But something inside of you is alive and knows love. That “something” is beyond any mind, any ego, any beliefs and any time or space. That “something” never does, never engages in any beliefs. That “something” is longing for you and your freedom from the bondage of mind and ego.

Only by honestly serving pure love without any attachments to beliefs, the infinite stories and conspiracies of the mind feeding the hungry ego that can only dissolve by the joining with purest love in the form of the true master, can anyone find real love from within. This is the service of the embodied pure love. But the mind is dirtier than anything and will take you away any time you let it run without awareness.

Love cannot be described by any words, any names. Love is beyond any thoughts, beliefs, dogmas, religions, and is alive always.

You can join love and become aware of the trap of your mind trying to force you into millions of sufferings.

I love you truly and honestly.  — Mother Swami (disciple and co-master of Swami Sachchidanand Paramahansa)





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