What is real meditation? What is it NOT?

The great majority of “masters” and teachers of meditation teach concentration, imagination, hypnosis, and even the controlling of the mind, senses and body. All this is NOT meditation and further nourishes the ego, mind and intellect, creating more and more illusion. Please, try to understand honestly without your ego getting offended. You are NOT the mind. You are NOT the intellect. You are NOT the moods. You are NOT the body. You are NOT the ego. So how could using your mind, intellect, moods, ego and/or body by any of these practices (mindfulness, yoga, tantra, mantra, chanting, breathing exercises, hypnosis, fasting, concentrating, etc) ever help you to free your consciousness? Some of these practices may help a person to temporarily feel better or to choose better behaviors, but none of these practices can help a person become the free Soul and truly be peaceful inside. Only real Awareness Meditation in the guidance of the real enlightened masters can help you in coming out from all illusions and find the real master inside of you. Please do not take this the wrong way. It is my duty to tell the Truth and I honestly love you very, very much. I know your mind and ego can never accept me. I always love you in any condition, but I cannot love your mind and ego. — Mother Swami (Co-Master and Disciple of Swami Sachchidanand Paramahansa)


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