The mind will always oppose love.

The mind will always oppose love.

The mind is addicted to and attracted by hate.

You cannot love with the mind.

Yet that is exactly what so many are trying to do, causing endless suffering for no true reason.

Many say “I love unconditionally”, without the awareness of their dirty minds playing tricks.

How can you love, if your mind is involved?

Your mind will always judge, always prefer hate over love.

Don’t you decide every moment again and again according to your mind who is more loveable and for what reasons?

Doesn’t the mind always create more and more illusions about who to love, when, where and why?

The mind will take you on its’ own journey of the conspiracy of hate, if you let it.

The mind will feed your ego, seperating you from what you are.

The mind will give you infinite reasons and tangible “confirmations” of hating instead of loving.

The mind will create your own hell, if you allow it to run your life, and put you into the births of millions of lifetimes of great suffering.

The mind will always oppose love. — Mother Swami




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