Don’t be what you are NOT

You are not the mind, you are not the intellect, you are not the moods, all of which feed your ego. You are not the ego. You are not the body. Please, look inside and honestly see. Stay in the awareness of who/what is thinking, talking, walking, moving, acting, etc. When there is real awareness and witnessing, that which is true and real will become the only Source of all your choices, behaviors and interactions, no need for thoughts, no way of words. This honest awareness and witnessing is your gateway to real freedom and love. But you have to honestly do it, not just theoretically, intellectually, which is what most are doing in the trap of mind and ego. When mind and ego become involved that which is real and true in you is under attack and without awareness your mind will always attack the real and true on the outside too again and again. There is no way to understand intellectually that which has no name, no words. So please, listen carefully and be the witness in awareness of all. You can then see what moves your body, what makes you choose unhealthy and violent foods and behaviors, what disconnects you from real inner peace and true love. Love is not a word, it is not a feeling or an emotion. Love is Truth. You can enjoy a peaceful loving life and choose helpful thoughts when you need to, but save your energy by the freedom from all unnecessary thoughts that have created burdens for you. I love you very, very much. “Be vegan, do meditation, get liberation.” — Mother Swami


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