Painkilling consumerism of greed and violence in the promotion of suffering

Pain killers come in many forms.

Most people are familiar with different types of medicines that serve as pain killers, which can perhaps serve a person temporarily to better deal with momentary physical pain.

But the great majority of people use various types of painkillers for other reasons.

Painkillers are anything that numbs sensitivity and awareness. They can be foods, substances, activities, beliefs, behaviours, etc.

Medicines that act like painkillers and are used for prolonged times not only numb physical pain but also sensitivity of consciousness.

Repetitive unconscious activities numb a person’s awareness of consciousness and can create tunnel vision after some time.

Beliefs and forced behaviors not only create numbness and insensitivities but also promote violence after some time. This violence can express itself both inwards and outwards, and often as a “remedy” for outward or inward violence more numbing “pain killers” are being sold (suggested, promoted, believed, etc) and bought (accepted, taken in, believed, etc) in various different forms.

In such a climate of numbness and insensitivity love cannot be shared or experienced.

Doubts and fears are easily “bought” in the form of thoughts, ideas, beliefs and “external systems”.

These “external systems” then have an easy way in their greedy promotion and selling of more “painkillers”.

Without awareness of consciousness no one can honestly serve another being, because no matter how lovingly meant the in-tensions might be, unawareness always creates more numbness and insensitivity.

How can a medical doctor who is trapped in the illusions of greed serve a patient who is suffering with truth and love? S/he cannot, because his/her own concerns with income, fame and name do not allow it.

How can a teacher or university professor educate her/his students with love=truth, if s/he is concerned with academics, status, and “external systems”?

How can a parent be a loving guide to his/her children, if trust and authentic being are replaced with forced learning and forced behaviors?

In the name of “good” or “loving” intentions (= in-tensions) people give advice to each other, instruct others, practice forced activities and exercises, force behaviors, force learning, force feelings, force others, violate, rape, kill and torture, this way giving yet more power to “external systems” in the promotion of tensions and suffering.

Love=truth=existence knows no intentions. Love=truth=existence is never tense, neither past, nor future.

A truly aware person is automatically loving to all beings. A loving person is not automatically aware.

But any person, no matter his/her beliefs, religion, philosophy, education, status, race, background, etc who honestly practices awareness meditation as I am teaching and in my guidance, will become peaceful and tensionless after a relatively short time. You do not need to belief me or anyone. Just have your own experience and see for yourself.

I am inviting you to come out from the illusions that are creating your suffering and that continue to promote violence and greed.

I am inviting you to become tensionless, peaceful and aware of consciousness.

I am inviting you to join me in my mission of Worldpeace by Awareness Meditation.

I love you very much,

Mother Swami


Your mind likes images and illusions….

baby lizard

Your mind likes images and illusions and does not want you to accept Truth.

Truth has no illusion, no image, no fantasies. Truth is impartial and in everything.

But your clever mind will never allow you to accept Truth, because its’ only “job” is to deceive you and attach you with that what is fake.

When practicing awareness meditation and watching the millions of thoughts brought forth by your mind, you easily feel bored and distracted. You allow your mind to attach you to thoughts in the form of boredom, tiredness, distraction, uneasyness, feeling “good”, etc, because your mind wants to be alive more than you.

As soon as you start to bring one thought into your sensory experience by your attachment and belief to it, you are giving birth to millions of new thoughts, and each thought, each belief feels more “real” to you than the one before. Your clever mind comes up with more and more images and you believe them, losing all impartiality, losing all freedom, becoming the slave of your mind.

Once you have become the slave of your mind, your ego takes the driver’s seat while you are deeply asleep in the back of the vehicle.

Mind and ego take you on endless rides, while you remain so unconscious that the dream seems real and that what is real can never be accepted.

In the belief of “good” you do wrong. In the belief of  “bad” you do wrong.

All along existence is giving you infinite opportunities to do what is right, but you prefer to feed your ego and belief the illusions of your mind. Because you want to be somebody, you want to be entertained, you want to be distracted from Truth more than anything.

If you want to come out from these illusions and honestly free your consciousness you have to overcome the mind’s tricks and completely detach from all beliefs, all thoughts, all images. But most will never do that, because the virus of the mind is very powerful.

Instead of freeing your own consciousness you spread the virus of the mind and even believe you are “doing good”.

Instead of dissolving the ego you look for ways to strengthen your own and others ego.

Instead of being love alive you “love life” for your ego’s entertainment.

The virus of the mind spreads easily in this way so that images and illusions become “your truth”.

When Truth cannot be accepted, images, beliefs, illusions and violence in the disguise of “doing good” rule your world and peace can not be.

You cannot change the world, but only yourself, to what you truly are.

I love you very very much. — Mother Swami



Love is alive and knows no mind

In this world many believe many things. Belief is not Truth, it is always a traitor. Belief comes from the mind. The mind always nourishes ego. Ego is opposed to love.

Many husbands say they “love” their wifes. But they do not love their wifes, they love the conditions, circumstances, conveniences, etc that being with their wives get them. Just as many wifes say they “love” their husbands, but they love their own ego in the convenience of their husbands.

Parents say they “love” their children. But they love their own beliefs (attachments to thoughts) forced onto their children.

Friends say they “love” their friends. But they do not love. They love their similarities, their shared beliefs, their shared conveniences.

Many say they “love” (eating) animals. But how is it possible to love the animals if you are responsible for their death and are able to eat their flesh after they suffered terror and slaughter?

You love your mind and ego. You love your attachment to thoughts in the form of beliefs. You love your convenience, your security, your fame and name, your money, your attachments. That is not love.

In this complete unawareness pure love can never be accepted, because the mind has created thousands and millions of conspiracies and the ego wants to flourish.

But something inside of you is alive and knows love. That “something” is beyond any mind, any ego, any beliefs and any time or space. That “something” never does, never engages in any beliefs. That “something” is longing for you and your freedom from the bondage of mind and ego.

Only by honestly serving pure love without any attachments to beliefs, the infinite stories and conspiracies of the mind feeding the hungry ego that can only dissolve by the joining with purest love in the form of the true master, can anyone find real love from within. This is the service of the embodied pure love. But the mind is dirtier than anything and will take you away any time you let it run without awareness.

Love cannot be described by any words, any names. Love is beyond any thoughts, beliefs, dogmas, religions, and is alive always.

You can join love and become aware of the trap of your mind trying to force you into millions of sufferings.

I love you truly and honestly.  — Mother Swami (disciple and co-master of Swami Sachchidanand Paramahansa)




The mind will always oppose love.

The mind will always oppose love.

The mind is addicted to and attracted by hate.

You cannot love with the mind.

Yet that is exactly what so many are trying to do, causing endless suffering for no true reason.

Many say “I love unconditionally”, without the awareness of their dirty minds playing tricks.

How can you love, if your mind is involved?

Your mind will always judge, always prefer hate over love.

Don’t you decide every moment again and again according to your mind who is more loveable and for what reasons?

Doesn’t the mind always create more and more illusions about who to love, when, where and why?

The mind will take you on its’ own journey of the conspiracy of hate, if you let it.

The mind will feed your ego, seperating you from what you are.

The mind will give you infinite reasons and tangible “confirmations” of hating instead of loving.

The mind will create your own hell, if you allow it to run your life, and put you into the births of millions of lifetimes of great suffering.

The mind will always oppose love. — Mother Swami



What is real meditation? What is it NOT?

The great majority of “masters” and teachers of meditation teach concentration, imagination, hypnosis, and even the controlling of the mind, senses and body. All this is NOT meditation and further nourishes the ego, mind and intellect, creating more and more illusion. Please, try to understand honestly without your ego getting offended. You are NOT the mind. You are NOT the intellect. You are NOT the moods. You are NOT the body. You are NOT the ego. So how could using your mind, intellect, moods, ego and/or body by any of these practices (mindfulness, yoga, tantra, mantra, chanting, breathing exercises, hypnosis, fasting, concentrating, etc) ever help you to free your consciousness? Some of these practices may help a person to temporarily feel better or to choose better behaviors, but none of these practices can help a person become the free Soul and truly be peaceful inside. Only real Awareness Meditation in the guidance of the real enlightened masters can help you in coming out from all illusions and find the real master inside of you. Please do not take this the wrong way. It is my duty to tell the Truth and I honestly love you very, very much. I know your mind and ego can never accept me. I always love you in any condition, but I cannot love your mind and ego. — Mother Swami (Co-Master and Disciple of Swami Sachchidanand Paramahansa)

Don’t be what you are NOT

You are not the mind, you are not the intellect, you are not the moods, all of which feed your ego. You are not the ego. You are not the body. Please, look inside and honestly see. Stay in the awareness of who/what is thinking, talking, walking, moving, acting, etc. When there is real awareness and witnessing, that which is true and real will become the only Source of all your choices, behaviors and interactions, no need for thoughts, no way of words. This honest awareness and witnessing is your gateway to real freedom and love. But you have to honestly do it, not just theoretically, intellectually, which is what most are doing in the trap of mind and ego. When mind and ego become involved that which is real and true in you is under attack and without awareness your mind will always attack the real and true on the outside too again and again. There is no way to understand intellectually that which has no name, no words. So please, listen carefully and be the witness in awareness of all. You can then see what moves your body, what makes you choose unhealthy and violent foods and behaviors, what disconnects you from real inner peace and true love. Love is not a word, it is not a feeling or an emotion. Love is Truth. You can enjoy a peaceful loving life and choose helpful thoughts when you need to, but save your energy by the freedom from all unnecessary thoughts that have created burdens for you. I love you very, very much. “Be vegan, do meditation, get liberation.” — Mother Swami